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The importance of having a clean mouth is highly emphasized in the dental world. The cleaner a mouth is, the fewer bacteria there is to potentially cause oral health issues such as cavities. That is why at Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness we provide professional cleaning for those who want their mouth to feel great and remove months or even years of build-up. We will be discussing what happens during a cleaning procedure at our office and how it can benefit you in the long run!

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

The beginning of the procedure involves inspecting the mouth to look for oral health complications such as cavities. If you have come in specifically for cleaning then we may schedule an additional appointment for you depending on the issue at hand. Typically, we can fill the cavities for you right then and there.

Once the cleaning process begins, we will get rid of both plaque and tartar that have accumulated. This step is the most important overall because tartar - which is hardened plaque - cannot be removed at home. In addition to this, plaque is the underlying cause of cavities and tooth decay. Once this is done, debris is rinsed out and we begin the next step of the overall cleaning procedure.

We use a special brush and toothpaste that provide a thorough cleaning. The brush we use is a high power electric toothbrush that provides even more rotation than many, if not all store-bought brushes. The toothpaste is also unique - it has a gritty texture that further helps the cleaning process. We should point out that this type of brushing would damage enamel if used daily - so while it is excellent for twice a year appointments, brushing gently at home is best for your teeth. That is why we recommend using soft-bristled toothbrushes and making gentle back and forth strokes.

What follows the brushing procedure is something you might be familiar with after brushing at home - flossing. This is done to remove any additional plaque that might be hiding between your teeth.

To end the session, we apply fluoride varnish to your teeth. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps prevent cavities and strengthens tooth enamel. We recommend having fluoride on your teeth whenever possible. This is quite easy to achieve, however, as water contains it.

Oral Health Is Important

Patients proclaim how much better they feel overall after the cleaning procedure and we are always happy to know that they leave with a clean, healthy mouth. It is important to keep up on oral hygiene at home by brushing twice a day - once in the morning and once at night. Flossing is strongly encouraged on top of brushing - you can floss once a day whenever it is convenient for you.

We Would Love For You To Visit Us

If you are interested in coming in for professional oral cleaning, you can get in contact with us by calling 704-629-8081 to set up an appointment. At Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness we want the best dental care for our patients.
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At Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness we provide professional cleaning for those who want their mouth to feel great and remove months or even years of build-up.
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